Video Motion Pro May Frustrate You

I bought Video Motion Pro yesterday within minutes of the launch. I was so excited about it that I forgot to use the coupon code that they had given on the webinar for $5 off the price of the program. I used it on the upsell, though, which added a whole lot of animations to use with the software. But now that I have had a bit of time to play with the software, I am not as excited about it as I was yesterday.Video Editing Software

The problem with software that does so much is the fact that the group of beta testers is usually small. They cannot run into very many problems when they don’t have super users testing them out. I consider myself a super user when it comes to video software, because I can break the best of the best. Usually, I am given a copy of the software a month or so away from the launch date so that I can alert the developers to potential problems.

If you want to get the software now, before the price increase, you should get it here:

Testing 1… 2… 3… 4?

I was recording a video for the blog to show you how Video Motion Pro (VMP) works. The webcam feature works great! I was able to record a few videos of myself without any trouble. The trouble began when I attempted to record screen captures of the dashboard. I found out that while VMP is recording the screen, it keeps a bar open so that you can pause or stop it. While that bar is open, you cannot do anything else in VMP. So I decided to record my working in VMP with Easy Video Suite’s video capture feature. This worked well, but once I created more than 3 tracks in VMP, I was unable to move them around on the timeline or place them in front of or behind each other. I thought this was because I was using EVS to record, so I cancelled the recording, only to find that it was a problem with VMP not EVS and VMP together.

When you have 3 tracks at the same time, everything is cool. But the second you add a 3rd track (when you add a text layer or a lower third), you lose the ability to move your layers (tracks) around and move the elements along the timeline. This caused me some concern.

What I Don’t Like

I like control. That was one of the things that made Sony Vegas so exciting to me. I could control the exact second that an element would appear in my video and then control when it left. That control is lacking in VMP. You can drag elements around on the timeline, but you can’t tell it exactly where to start and stop.

I also do not like the fact that you can’t edit an element after you have created it. I created a couple of lower third animations using VMP and then placed them on the timeline. At first, VMP was placing the elements behind the main track. So I had to move them to the front after I had accepted them. Once you add that 4th element, you are screwed, however. So I started to delete my main video track from the timeline and added it back after I had set the proper locations. Because I added the main track after the video effects, the main track was behind everything else (there is more than one way to skin a cat). But I should not have to do that. Video elements should automatically be placed in front. I would rather move the elements after I saw them appear than to search for them on the timeline.

Maybe It Is My OCD

I could be too critical of this software because I am used to working with Premiere Pro CS6 and Sony Vegas and the power I have over my video creation and editing. I was that way about Camtasia, too. I didn’t like the way Camtasia didn’t allow for more than a couple video tracks. But I have a feeling the developers of VMP are going to work on making Video Motion Pro a more user friendly program and fix the bugs (surprise features).

Still, at the price (1/10th the price of Vegas or Premiere Pro), it does allow me to create simple videos with ease. I am trying to overcomplicate it with my Super User abuse of the program. You should definitely check it out, it can only become better as the developers add new features and remove the surprises.

Get yours at:

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Micheal Savoie – Online Video Workshop

PS – Two things since I wrote this review.

  1. I watched a couple of videos from Video Motion Pro and they mentioned that an update is coming to allow you to place multiple elements in the same track.
  2. The rendering process can take a long time based on how fast your computer is, how much RAM your system has and how long the video is. For online video, you rarely need to render videos at the highest quality or the largest size. The higher the quality and the larger the video, the longer it takes for rendering.

In my opinion, this software is worth the asking price for the web cam and screen capture alone. Then you add the green screen option and you are playing with house money.

As a bonus for buying through my link, I will give you access to me for 3 months for Q&A and consulting (roughly and hour per week for 3 months on Skype). Use my help desk to set up your access:

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