Video Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

4. Dos and Donts of Video Marketing.Video Marketing is adding or incorporating videos in marketing campaigns in the name of promoting your product, service or company. Marketers can achieve a number of mileage using just one video by including it in all his/her marketing channels like e-mail and search engines like Google. Studies have shown that three quarters of the people in developed countries get accessed to videos on internet. Engagement level is also average but rising and in the long run playing a prominent role in online experience. So, video marketing is beneficial in a way that the marketer gets direct response from consumers who make instant decisions whether to buy products or not, there are low production cost compared to the traditional ways, and there is differentiation because videos are engaging, compelling and relevant.

For effective video marketing, there are therefore the do’s that you needs to know if you want to get in this game. Authentic content is therefore required by people who look for information online.

Marketers must therefore deliver the following (THE DO’S):


In the modern world, people seek genuine or original information. This means taking videos which feature real places with real people makes the advertised massage believable and trustworthy. Authenticity together with uniqueness will enhance accessibility to many viewers and leave a good impression about your product or service.


To create attention to people who could have content options you have to create a high quality videos which project best images. Low quality videos don’t stand a chance at all because there is no guarantee that most people will watch them. Even after watching the low quality videos there is a chance of taking away negative or bad impressions therefore a set back to your business.

Length of the video

The video should be worth watching. One and a half minutes is a good average length of an advertisement. Although it depends with the kind of content you want to advertise, long videos that go up to like 10 minutes should be broken into preferable parts its advised. Keep it simple.

Compelling messages

Telling people about your services and products is one thing, satisfying their search to find best providers for their needs is just another. So it’s very important to give a convincing message that encourages the action.


There is a possibility to grab customers and make them feel like they are part of the brand when you are advertising. Making them click and having to interact with whatever you are advertising could eventually make the consumers have a good impression.

Sharing ability

Even though Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo are the popular sites to host your videos, you can still get your content disseminating into the world. Share your video to social networks and even e-mail contacts and blogs. Share it with everyone available because if it has content worth sharing, the sharing will continue among the people until the audience which will get exposed and the video will grow.

Get experience

Watch videos from other advertisements to get inspiration for all that works in making a good video for marketing your products or what doesn’t. Creating videos on a regular basis will help you get necessary and enough experience to help you come up with quality video content.

Even with the do’s it doesn’t guarantee that you will have a good market of your products or services.

There are things you need to avoid doing (THE DONT’S) during online video marketing.

Lengthy videos

Lengthy videos make viewers lose interest so fast that they abandon the video even before they get the benefit and the important content of the video. If the content requires more time of the video, its advisable to cut it into parts that can make sense.


The fact that there is increased speed in internet access in the modern world has not changed the adoption of video format. it is still limited In terms of production value and limit. Therefore costly graphic packages and fancy camera tricks alongside other production element would get lost on smaller screens or may not be relayed therefore leading to budget waste.


Aiming to sell your products on a specified market or basis even if it’s only one minute many people will opt to go elsewhere. It shouldn’t be overtly promotional, people won’t watch it still.

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