The New Video Frontier!

Ever have an idea for a video, but lose interest after you see how much time and money goes into just one scene? The problem is not that video is expensive, it is just that time and talent are expensive.

How To Shoot Video That Doesn't SuckDuring an age when digital video is a breeze to shoot on cameras, iPhones and computers, the cost is not on the hardware required for a good video shoot. The majority of the cost comes in the scene preparation, acting and the editing phase. If you are using a public location, you first have to block it off from the public during the time of shooting, unless you are armed with a ton of video releases. If you have actors, you have to pay them (unless they are volunteering). Editing a video production can take hours to weeks, depending on the sheer volume of recordings and the amount of artistic license you give the editor. If you do it yourself, no problem (except for the part where you are locked in a room with the video trying to make it look exactly like you pictured it).

Good video is a combination of subject, good camera basics and good editing. If you are really good at putting all of these together, you can make great videos. If you only excel at one or two, you need to hire someone to help with the other. Or you can read this book.

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Micheal Savoie is the host of the wildly successful Blogging With Micheal Podcast at and the creator of many videos for online and offline clients.

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