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When you are selling services or products, people like to buy from someone who has a reputation for high quality. Getting testimonials is crucial to showing potential customers that your business (or product) does what it is paid to do.

The reason testimonials work is because they help to impart credibility and social proof that a product, service or business is really doing their job.

When using testimonials, it is important to use only real testimonials from people that are reputable themselves. Getting a testimonial from someone with a history of scams and lies is not going to help your business, nor is one from someone that nobody has ever heard of. A photo of the person doing the testimonial is more effective, as it helps your audience recognize the person as one that they know, like or trust. The more such photos you can have (without cluttering up your page), the better your product will be perceived.

Best of all is a video testimonial from someone that is widely known, liked or trusted. The video helps your visitors see a real person telling them that your product does what you claim it does. This is the best way to get people to give your product credibility in the shortest amount of time.

When a visitor is looking at your product or service, it may only take a few moments to convince them to click the order button. But in those instances when they are still unsure, having a video from someone who has used your product can tip the scales in your favor before the visitor gets sidetracked by something else and clicks away from your website.

How to get testimonials.

The best way to get testimonials is to offer your product at a discount in return for a testimonial. On Amazon, it is common practice for product owners to contact people who leave a lot of reviews on products (and have a following) and offer them the product for free in return for a testimonial. It is always better to find someone who is good at writing testimonials, otherwise, you may not get as much bang for the product you gave away. Some reviewers on Amazon are much better than others, so it is a good idea to read over a few of their reviews before contacting them.

If you frequent trade shows, bring a video camera along and have people try your product in front of the camera. You can get a lot of good reaction shots when you do that. Of course, you will want to get their permission to use their video on your site.

What not to do!

If you value your reputation, do not pay someone to give you a review. Especially if you are paying them to review a product that they have not tried. This is fraud and can get your business blacklisted by consumer watch groups. It is much more expensive to get yourself off of a black list than it is to give away a few of your products and get a real review/testimonial.

Get Your Camera Out

Testimonials are important. They can make or break the launch of your product or service. Getting quality reviews on video and posted on your product page is crucial to your sales conversions. Ask any copywriter what they think about testimonials and they will tell you that you absolutely MUST have them. So get out your smart phone and go find your potential customers.

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