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When David Perdew creates videos for his NAMS members, he doesn’t hope that all of his members are going to be watching them on their desktop with Firefox. He knows that his video will play at the proper dimensions on any device, in any browser, and from any web page or blog that he embeds it.

He knows this to be true, because he had his development team create his video management system to work on all browsers across all devices.

Want to see it in action? Click here:

David Perdew is someone I trust, I have known him for over 7 years. His business partner, Paul Counts, I have known even longer, as I met him for the first time in Long Beach, CA, way back in 2007. Both of these gentlemen are honest and respectable businessmen. They place a high value in keeping that reputation. This product that they are making available to the public, the Simple Video Management System, is going to be the cornerstone of a lot of video based businesses – simply because they would not release a product to the marketplace until they were satisfied that it would do what it was supposed to do.

Simple Video Management System WordPress Plugin

In fact, David has been using this system for a long time, and he is only making this available to the rest of the world after 3 revisions. That tells me that he is finally secure in knowing that it is as bulletproof as it can possibly be! That is why I am getting this for my video blogging sites. You should, too:

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