Online Video Marketing Tips

Online video marketing is an affordable and effective promotional tool that suits businesses both large and small. Keep these four simple and creative techniques in mind to take your online video advertising game to the next level!

Appeal to Emotion

People often try to find common ground when making a connection with someone. Online video marketing isn’t any different. We all feel emotions like love, fear, envy, sadness and annoyance. Creating an ad that people can relate to is one way to bridge the gap between business and patronage. Do this by finding an emotion that coincides with your product, service, or message. Then, create a situation in which this emotion is evoked in the audience. Be sure to do this in a genuine manner. No one likes to feel fooled!


This public service announcement appeals to the emotion of feeling “left out.” This feeling is used to help people understanding the importance of mentoring has on the life of a girl. We are drawn in by the images of a lonely girl eating lunch by herself. After that, we learn about a mentoring service for girls.

Use Humor

Breaking the ice is important when you’re using online marketing. One way to do this is to use humor. This technique requires a good screenplay and a humorous action or reaction from someone in the video.

Example video:

The man in this video is startled by a lion while he is taking pictures. Everyone on his tour is pleased to see the picture he took. The tour guide shakes his head disapprovingly. The reaction of the man, the tourists, and the tour guide are humorous and carefully scripted.

Add Some Tasteful Shock Value

What is the one thing that most advertisements have in common? We don’t want our audience to forget. No matter what you’re trying to say or advertise, using tasteful shock value is surefire way to make sure that your brand is not easily overlooked. Do this by creating a predictable scene, and then incorporating a shocking twist.

Example video:

This video shows a girl putting on face cream, which many of us have seen on a commercial in one way or another. She keeps rubbing on the cream, each time her acne grows worse and worse. The name of this product is eventually shown to be called “racism.” This unexpected twist helps show the meaning of the message without a word even being said.

Be Interactive

Give if you want to receive. Everyone wants to matter. Creating a platform in which the consumer becomes a part of making your product happen is not only a cool thing to do, but it’s an effective way to get the word out there. You can do this through asking for an opinion via e-mail or creating an interactive situation in which the viewer can easily place themselves.

Example video:

The panda in this video isn’t happy with you. This is exactly what you, the consumer, are supposed to feel. This is done by using point of view effectively. We see as though we are looking out of someone else’s eyes. This is subtle, but highly interactive.