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I was about to pull the trigger and buy Video Strike – the new Windows Video/Presentation Maker program so that I could do a review of it for you. The product owners were taking their time approving us for the affiliate program and I was looking for a good bonus offer from one of my friends. I found a good one and went to look it over when I saw a review video for Video Strike on the bonus page. The one feature that broke the deal for us was the following:

The Screen Capture function does not record audio.

Let that sink in. Let that sync in…

No audio? So you need to have another video editor in order to add audio to your screen capture video.

The only reason I thought Video Strike was a good idea was because of the screen capture feature. But guess what? If you are currently a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber, you have a screen capture functionality that includes audio! It is called the Office Mix plugin and it is free to download and add to your PowerPoint. So even though the price was low for Video Strike, the $10 a month I am paying Microsoft is actually giving me more functionality than Video Strike.

If you want to see the review I was talking about, here is the link (Sam’s bonuses are awesome, I almost bought Video Strike anyway for his bonuses):


If you want to get Microsoft Office 365, here is the link:


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