Is This In Your Video Toolbox?

Today’s videographer is fortunate indeed. With the software available to them, anyone can become the next Spielberg or Lucas with a little creativity and some decent acting. Heck, who needs actors? Have you seen some of the shows on YouTube? I watched some kids making some concoction that they eventually ate after about 10 minutes of goofiness and discussion about the ingredients that they were choosing for their mixture. Some Ben & Jerry’s made it into the mix, but not before Jalapenos and mustard also got involved. But when it was all said and done, they managed to keep the children watching until they actually took a bite of said stuff.

You could tell that they used a lot of scenes spliced together in this show, because sometimes they would have mishaps when opening a jar and then would be clean almost immediately afterward. I am pretty certain that they were using some high end software to put their finished video together. But even if they had a lower budget, they could have spliced a bunch of videos together with no worries with Video Joiner Pro. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how this software can be used to take your main video and add an intro and an outro to it. But you can take three separate scenes and join them together as easy as opening the software, loading each scene, and rendering the video. There is no limit to how many times you do this. You could use Video Joiner Pro to splice together video clips quickly and easily without learning how to use an expensive software suite like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Video Editing

Of course, if you need special effects and fancy transitions, you should spend the money on those more powerful video editors, but I am still planning on keeping this awesome little tool in my toolbox because I don’t always need to spend hours working on my final cut when I only need to splice a couple pieces of video together.

My friend Jimmy Mancini has been developing top notch video software for years, and his products always make it to my toolbox, because they do a specific job well. If you don’t need to do 75 different things at once, use the tool that will get the job done without breaking the bank, use Video Joiner Pro!

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