Green Screen Training & Studio Backgrounds From Todd Gross

The best way to stand out and increase your credibility and authority in your videos is to place yourself in a “studio” environment to look like you are the newscaster.

Getting those fancy “studio backgrounds” for green screen use used to cost an arm and a leg. But today, you can snag up a set of professional quality studio background for your collection for a one time payment AND get training on how to use green screens for your video work in one package!

Here is the link:

But that’s not all, if you use the following coupon code before midnight tonight, you can save! 5offplatinum (note: Todd has extended the coupon code another 24 hours – so you have until midnight tonight).

How would you like to discover how you can turn yourself into Superman or Wonderwoman?

With the included green screen training, you’ll find out how to make yourself into a flying superhero with a simple green screen trick. It’s not hard to do, in fact, 10 year old Katarina Nicely reveals her own green screen trick that will amaze your friends!

With green screens, you can place yourself anywhere in the world, make yourself fly around the screen like superman, or borrow authority by putting yourself in a studio that looks like you are on a network TV set. Remember, without your viewers’ attention, your video is just pixels on a hard drive somewhere on the cloud.

Hurry and pick up your green screen studio backgrounds at the lowest possible price using coupon code 5offplatinum until midnight tonight (6-2-2015):

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne (somewhere in Quebec)


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