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Many times, I hear business owners complaining about not having any good ideas for creating videos. They are busy running their business and they don’t have time to research a niche and build new content for it, let alone create videos about it.

I have had times like that myself. I run a successful podcast, I am taking care of my mother (who is struggling with her chemo for lymphoma) and I am babysitting my youngest granddaughter (with Yvonne’s help of course) a few days a week. So I can identify with them.

So when I realize that I have not made any new videos for a few days, I start to panic. Not really. I look through my vast private label rights collection and find an article or ebook that I can convert into a video. I have a lot of different tools that I use for these purposes, but I will concentrate on ones that you can use without spending any additional money.

Grab your microphone and read into it… I use Audacity to record my audio tracks. It is very easy to use. If I hear the air conditioner going in the background, I can use the noise removal tool and clean up my audio in a couple clicks of my mouse. Now that I have a soundtrack for my video, I go to PowerPoint and make some slides to go with the audio I just recorded.

When making slides, you don’t want to put all of the text you just read on each slide. Instead, outline the article and only put the key points on the slides. When making slides to follow your soundtrack, less text is more powerful than trying to keep up with your reading. Once I have the slides done, I save the PowerPoint to a video format and I have a video.

Now, if you don’t have a library of PLR products to fall back on, you might have to take some time to do some research and write your own articles. Just kidding…

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Micheal Savoie is the host of the wildly successful Blogging With Micheal Podcast at and the creator of many videos for online and offline clients.


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