Do You Dominate Your Niche?

Video Sharing Sites

Years ago, a fellow that I respect a lot (Howie Schwartz) said that if you wanted to be the top dog in traffic, you had to dominate your niche in the search engines. Back then, that meant having web 2.0 properties like WetPaint, Hubpages and Squidoo lenses all talking about your website and your niche.

Google has tweaked that a little bit, meaning that you can’t just spam all the web 2.0 properties with your sales message and still get a lot of traction. You need to be on the right properties to get the coverage you need in the search engines and on the properties themselves. The biggest and most important web 2.0 property you need to concentrate on is YouTube.

YouTube, since it is owned by Google, is the top place for people to find what they are looking for. Need to figure out how to back up your hard drive? YouTube has a bunch of videos about that. Need some info about making money from home? YouTube is plastered with videos about that. When searching Google for something, YouTube videos will take up a good chunk of the search engine results if any videos exist on the topic.

Social Media Sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not dead (although Google will tell you it is). It has changed to building a presence in the places that matter to Google, Bing and Yahoo (are they even still a search engine?). Places like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr and Pinterest are very popular with the search engines because the content is graded by the consumers (with likes, +1, comments and shares). This tells the search engine that highly graded content is more important than content that has very little interaction (based on how long it has been published).

The best way to go about this is to create content videos and share them on all of the properties mentioned above. As you build a group of interested fans who like and interact with your posts, your visibility on the search results will grow. While I would like to tell you that you will get on page one in 10 minutes, it would be more accurate to tell you that you will get on page one eventually as long as you keep on adding quality content that your followers interact with.

No followers? Without quality content, it is difficult to attract followers unless you have a very charismatic personality or can entertain people on your videos. If you are a blogger, you should be turning your articles into videos with a tool like The more quality content you post with your blogs and on the properties mentioned above, the better your chances of attracting more followers who can interact with your content to help you in your plan for total web domination of your niche.



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