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Social Media and Video work together for your branding.

Video That Gets In Your Business

When I talk to local business owners in town, I often hear the same response when I tell them about videos for their business. “I wouldn’t know what to say in the video.” The funny thing is that those same business people are the first to get a print ad in those slick magazines that […]

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Social Video Formula For Unlimited Traffic

As you probably already know video marketing is the number 1 way to get people’s attention right now as well as to generate an authoritative figure that people trust. The concept is great but here is where it is all going wrong: You went out and bought expensive video editing software and started making videos […]

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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts For Business Part 1

Click Here For Special Video Marketing Report – We’ll also let you know when the next Google Hangouts For Business presentation will be shown. You will also get access to the replays as well.

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