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Video Producer Pro Looks Promising!

I spent a few hours with Video Producer Pro over the last week. At first, I thought I had broken the software, but after telling Jimmy about the problems I was having, he had a new version of the software to me and it was working great. I have learned that when reviewing products before […]

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Dramatic Content Can Be Commercial

While the majority of online marketers are using cartoon or white board video to capture the attention of the masses, it brings up the question: “What makes someone want to share a video commercial?” Commercials are supposed to tell people about your product, your service or your company. But can a video be made that […]

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The New Video Frontier!

Ever have an idea for a video, but lose interest after you see how much time and money goes into just one scene? The problem is not that video is expensive, it is just that time and talent are expensive. During an age when digital video is a breeze to shoot on cameras, iPhones and […]

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