Brand New Cloud Based Doodle Video Maker!

Now you can create whiteboard videos online. Forget about downloading or installing weird files and fighting with your antivirus software. Almost all video software not selling for $700 will trip your antivirus, because the developer didn’t send a copy of the software to all antivirus makers for verification. A web based solution means you are not adding anything to your computer, be it a Mac, PC, Laptop or Chromebook. In fact, all you need is a browser to use it!

With the new Sketch Maker PRO you can create whiteboard videos 10 minutes from now! And the quality of these videos is outstanding.

Sketch Maker PRO

Sketch Maker PRO uses an industry leading text to speech module that actually sounds like a real person is reading your copy. Forget paying for voiceovers! I have been using Jimmy Mancini’s text to speech modules for years and I have found them to be better than the majority of video makers on the market. The secret is how natural the voices sound.

Why would a cloud based video maker be useful? Again, you aren’t downloading anything and having to update the software every time the developer improves the product. They do all that online and you never even know they did it unless they added a new feature. Gone are the days of getting a creative idea and then waiting 30 minutes to get the software updated before finally getting started on it.

Sketch Maker PRO is live right now! Get your account now, because once they have too many members, they are going to have to raise the price to add new servers. Get in at the best price right now! Click here to see what the fuss is about!

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