3 Things Every YouTube Channel Should Have

Whether you are creating a video channel for your business or for a client’s business, there are a few things you must do to make a channel look professional. Without these, your channel will take longer to attract the large numbers of followers that make YouTube so effective.

First, you should have an outro – or video that plays at the end of your video. If your video does not ask for viewers to like the video and subscribe to the channel, you are leaving a lot of potential future traffic on the table. These can be crafted using PowerPoint or After Effects, or you can even make one with your phone. Just ask your viewers to like the video and subscribe. See one I made using Live Action Intros here:

A good YouTube Channel should also have graphics that encourage more liking and subscribing, along with a Facebook Page URL and Twitter handle. This brings a Channel together, giving it the personality of your business. You can see this in action on a lot of Channels for movie productions – you can see what Marvel Studios does here.

Lastly, you want to use an intro to your videos to give a uniform look to the start of all of your videos. It shows people that they are on the right channel. Don’t get too cute and do a different intro for each video, but you can do a different intro for each video series that you may have on your channel. One of the cool tools I found to create awesome intros is the Live Action Intros Tool. I used it to create my outro above, too. Here is one I just made:

The great part about Live Action Intros is that you can make some cool looking Intros/Outros with only a couple clicks. And you can easily add music or your jingle and your logo to these. YouTube even allows you to upload your intros and outros so that it can play them where you want them.

Remember, making your YouTube Channel as professional and uniform as possible means that visitors will easily recognize your content. The worst thing you can do is create disjointed materials to confuse visitors. A fun experience is an experience where content flows together and makes it as easy as possible for visitors to find you everywhere you are. By using these tips when creating a YouTube Channel for yourself or your clients, you harness the potential of the YouTube experience.

To your success,

Micheal Savoie

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