Grabbing Eyeballs With Animated Infographics!

You may have heard about a software program called

Let me tell you what it does in simple terms.

VydeoGram takes a video clip and converts it into an
animated gif that you can post on sites like Instagram,
Twitter, Vine and Facebook to help get you viral traffic
to a website or a product. A new term (videogram) has
been coined for animated infographics that you can create
with this software. You will be seeing more videograms
overtaking static images as memes because of the way
they catch the eye on social media.

That is the most basic definition of the software.

It does a lot more than that, but if you are looking
for a way to create 8 second vine animations, then
this is a great product to get you going.

The cool part about this software is that it is pretty
self explanatory. I bought this as soon as it came out
and I have already created a couple of videograms from
some stock footage I had purchased for some commercials
I am working on. It took me less than 10 minutes to go
from idea to finished videogram. And I didn’t even look
at the directions.

Most of the time, when you buy a program, it takes hours
to figure out how to use it. Not VydeoGram! You can be
up and running in minutes.

Check out the software here:

Here are two videograms I created:

365 Backup SoftwareLittle Cups Of Love

As you can see, I used a clip of a burning computer for the ad. The clip was longer than 8 seconds, so the software automatically divides the video into segments to show what happens after the first 8 seconds. I could have made the videogram the full length of the clip (up to 30 seconds) and eliminated the four additional frames, but I thought that looked kinda neat.

In the ad, I used a slow motion clip of cream being poured into a hot cup of coffee. Again, the clip is longer than 8 seconds, so the sections are created beneath the main loop. In both of the ads, I added text (that is a Pro version feature – which is worth every penny of the upgrade).

Go ahead and watch the demos on this page:


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