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Videograms made easy

Grabbing Eyeballs With Animated Infographics!

You may have heard about a software program calledVydeoGram. Let me tell you what it does in simple terms. VydeoGram takes a video clip and converts it into an animated gif that you can post on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Vine and Facebook to help get you viral traffic to a website or a product. […]

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Explaindio 2

Why Are People Talking About Explaindio 2?

In the marketing world, people love to dissect what works and what doesn’t. You will hear people talk about how great a funnel is or how this headline converts so well. Explaindio 2 has gotten the entire online marketing world talking, not because of the high quality software, but about the marketing funnel! See for […]

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Video Motion Pro May Frustrate You

I bought Video Motion Pro yesterday within minutes of the launch. I was so excited about it that I forgot to use the coupon code that they had given on the webinar for $5 off the price of the program. I used it on the upsell, though, which added a whole lot of animations to […]

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