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Video Producer Pro is Coming Soon!

What’s Coming Up? Video Producer Pro!

Being in the video business, you find that sometimes everything in your toolbox is the perfect mix to get the job done. I have been enjoying the many tools (toys) that I have been fortunate to discover as the editor of Online Video Workshop. I get asked to review (and promote) a lot of video […]

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Simple Is Better!

When David Perdew creates videos for his NAMS members, he doesn’t hope that all of his members are going to be watching them on their desktop with Firefox. He knows that his video will play at the proper dimensions on any device, in any browser, and from any web page or blog that he embeds […]

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Who Else Needs Video Commercials That Convert?

The goal for any marketing plan is to find the elements that convert and make your product move off the shelves. Or get bodies in the door, or get emails opened or subscribers on your list. Let’s face it, when we find something that works, we want to use it over and over. The problem […]

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