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Social Media and Video work together for your branding.

Video That Gets In Your Business

When I talk to local business owners in town, I often hear the same response when I tell them about videos for their business. “I wouldn’t know what to say in the video.” The funny thing is that those same business people are the first to get a print ad in those slick magazines that […]

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Video Joiner Pro In Action

YouTubers Are Doing This – Are You?

My step granddaughter watches YouTube craft videos whenever she comes over to visit. Since I like to spend time with her, I watch them, too. The one thing I find that all of these have in common is that their videos contain an intro and an outro. These help the channel operator (we call them […]

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Video Robot Software

Video Software That Does It All?

Whether you have purchased any kind of video-oriented software from me in the past, the brand new VIDEO ROBOT software is going to blow you away! It is the “Do EVERYTHING” video creation software that is coming out in just days…but you can get a preview of it now! Better yet, you can win an […]

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