Making a monkey into a player?

Players Gonna Play (Videos)

Warning!  Removing YouTube watermarks from any videos you place on a website is against YouTube’s terms of service and could get you into trouble. I thought I should get that out of the way immediately. The advertising for this new player (Or Playr as they spell it…) called MonkeyPlayr is telling you that this is something […]

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Holiday 25 Percent Off Sale!

At Online Video Workshop and Epic Content Machine, we want you to be productive in the first quarter of 2016 so that you can build a huge business. Our tools and training products are designed to help you become more productive, which translates to more profits when you put what we teach you into practice. […]

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Watch this training video series

5-Must Have Ingredients for High-Converting Automated Events

This is a reprint from – The 4 Types of Business that are Automation-Ready If you are looking to automate your client getting, you will want to check out this video series that Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are doing. In this Video Mike and Andy are going to show you that creating high converting […]

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Videograms made easy

Grabbing Eyeballs With Animated Infographics!

You may have heard about a software program calledVydeoGram. Let me tell you what it does in simple terms. VydeoGram takes a video clip and converts it into an animated gif that you can post on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Vine and Facebook to help get you viral traffic to a website or a product. […]

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Simple Is Better!

When David Perdew creates videos for his NAMS members, he doesn’t hope that all of his members are going to be watching them on their desktop with Firefox. He knows that his video will play at the proper dimensions on any device, in any browser, and from any web page or blog that he embeds […]

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Who Else Needs Video Commercials That Convert?

The goal for any marketing plan is to find the elements that convert and make your product move off the shelves. Or get bodies in the door, or get emails opened or subscribers on your list. Let’s face it, when we find something that works, we want to use it over and over. The problem […]

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Dramatic Content Can Be Commercial

While the majority of online marketers are using cartoon or white board video to capture the attention of the masses, it brings up the question: “What makes someone want to share a video commercial?” Commercials are supposed to tell people about your product, your service or your company. But can a video be made that […]

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